Our Vision

To create an environment and culture where being the best you can be is our norm.

Here at Huapai District School we are seeking to develop children who are confident and self assured in purpose, who carry a voice of positive influence and consistently deliver at their best.

Principal’s Welcome

Huapai is known for its fruit. I have always believed you can judge a tree by its fruit. I’d like to believe, the fruit of what we desire to see in thinking, in learning and in character is evident in the quality and depth of our children.

Our Learning

We see our school as a learning community. Our approach will be school wide whilst providing and enabling high levels of autonomy for staff to build on the interests and needs of their children.

Enrolment Information

We are a zoned school and all students who live within the school zone are automatically accepted following proof of address provided to the office.

Latest Notifications

Centennial Cup Soccer Match postponed due to illnesses both at Taupaki and Huapai. This will be held Term 4.

Wed Aug 30 10:53pm

Centennial Cup Soocer Match postponed due to illnesses both at Taupaki and Huapai. This will be held Term 4.

Wed Aug 30 10:53pm

Bake sale continued after school – bring your coins if you’re keen. The Sports Camp children have leftover and they are keen to sell them.

Fri Aug 25 01:26am

Students will be positioned at both gates and also at the back of the hall.  

Bake sale today. Lunchtime outside the senior zone. Money raised going towards individuals heading to sports camp later this term.

Thu Jul 27 07:15pm

Classes finish 12:30pm today 25/7 due to parent interviews. We ask that you collect your child if possible at this time or make arrangements

Mon Jul 24 07:30pm

for their care, please.  Children who are unable to leave school will be supervised in the hall for the afternoon.  Huapai+ and busses are operating as normal.  Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to seeing you this afternoon (or tomorrow after school when interviews continue)  to discuss your child’s learning journey. 



Upcoming Events