June 2023 Edition
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The Connection

Week 7

Term 2

Huapai District School

June 8th 2023

Senior Leadership Message

Yesterday teachers from across West Auckland gathered together to learn. There’s something really humbling about learning as an adult and I thoroughly enjoyed that feeling of “oooh, now this is interesting”. Aside from this there are also the feelings of overwhelm, of inadequacy, of new challenges and of uncertainty of how things will turn out. Our children face this every day at school. It’s no wonder they’re tired and grumpy occasionally! (or maybe that’s just my kids?)

We listened to keynote speeches from Dr Melanie Riwai Couch - Researcher and author of Niho Taniwha, Perry Rush - Programme Director of Educational Leadership at Tu Tuia and Lauryne Tufa - Key consultant for Whiria te Tangata. We were challenged to continue to grow our educational leadership across our school. Teachers attended workshops throughout the day, digging deep into a variety of key issues in education. Our very own Louise Moss and Jo Redman ran two of these workshops.

One of the moments that stuck with me was a speech delivered by 18 year old Brigham Riwai - Couch about the 10 things teachers can do to help him learn better. He spoke about honouring the person, engaging him in learning, setting him up for excellence, whakawhanaungatanga (building relationships) and the personalisation of learning. He spoke with a wisdom beyond his years and frankly it made me realise I need to continue to ‘up my game’ when delivering speeches. He concluded his speech with “at the end of the day, my best learning happens with teachers who care. The ones who try, try and try again”

I think this is a powerful message for us as parents and educators. We all muck up, we all have days we wish we could do over differently, new learning could change how we approach situations but at the end of the day we care and we try, try and try again. And that’s what matters.

I came home and had a snooze on the couch after all the new learning. How do our kids do this every day?…

Maree Lloyd
Deputy Principal

Upcoming Events

  • Monday 19th June - Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 21st June - Art Exhibition Event
  • Friday 30th June - Last Day Of Term 2
  • Monday 17th July - First Day Of Term 3

Safety At Our School Gate

We have asked for Auckland Transport to assist the school in ensuring safety at our gate. We have people parking on yellow lines, road patrol crossing blocked and cycle paths being used for parking. These are all illegal activities and will incur fines if caught by the officers. There is additional parking on neighbouring side streets if the allocated parking spots in front of the school are all taken.

Of real concern is the number of parents walking or calling their children across the road in spite of the pedestrian crossing close by. Frightening last week was seeing a parent with three children standing in the middle of the road with cars passing either side of her. In my view safety trumps convenience.

We auctioned two car parks in the school grounds last year! Those family vehicles and the occasional time where a child is wheelchair bound are the only times parents should enter the school grounds at those critical times of around 9.00am & 3.00pm.

Immunisation Record Update

Given the recent comments in media around the rise and concern around measles immunisation, we thought it appropriate to ensure we have an up to date immunisation register. The link below provides an opportunity for parents to update this information. This form is a one minute exercise.
*Our apologies that last week's link had some permission access issues.

Community At Its Best

Last week we had someone from our wider community driving past our school who observed a person walking past our school gate filming on their phone. They stopped, filmed the person in question and then highlighted the incident to the school. On Police involvement, they tracked the person and determined there was nothing sinister - just poor choices. This is such a powerful statement about community, people looking out for others and being willing to get involved. Great stuff. Nothing to be concerned about but really encouraging to see this type of response from our community and local Police.

Thank You

A huge thank you to the Spiers family who have donated four collection boxes to the school. These will be used for mufti day donation collections.
If you’ve seen a need in the school and would like to donate your services / time or product please email maree.lloyd@hds.school.nz

Community Survey Feedback #2

Sharing a little each week from our community survey (ratings out of 10).
There were a number of helpful comments in regards to the rigour and frequency in our reporting of progress and achievement. Our current model is we report formally twice a year through Hero where goals and progress graphs are updated. This is done at the end of Term 2 and end of Term 4. We are currently completing our mid year assessments ready for this reporting point. We also provide learning stories of progress throughout the term on Hero which provides timely updates and celebrations of learning. Following our mid-year reporting, we have individual conferences with parents to discuss progress and next steps. This will occur in Week 2 of next term. This year we have doubled the amount of time allocated to parents in individual interviews. Any questions or concerns regarding learning and/or progress can always be shared with the class teacher outside of these times by arrangement.

There was also some feedback about more open days and sharing of learning. This is also a goal of the school this year. This term, we have held the teacher presentations of learning and focus (which occurred after the recent survey) and in two weeks we have our arts exhibition. We recognise the more involvement we can have with parents the better the outcomes for children.

We really appreciate the feedback, the fact that the overall support of parents is high and together we are looking for further improvements.

Leadership Awards

Your child will have brought home a flyer recently, explaining how to access the digital leadership awards on HERO. Never fear though, if technology is not your friend the children can still bring their evidence in paper form.
Linked below is a copy of the digital instructions.

Quiz Night

Saturday 5th August, 7pm
It’s time to start finding your team! What will your theme be this year?

Art Exhibition

June 20th - 22nd with a special night event on Wednesday 21st June.

For those who are donating artwork for the auction: Can we please have the work delivered to the school office by Wednesday 14th June.
A sneak peak at some auction items so far:

Is Your Child Keen To Play Basketball

Season two for basketball begins at the start of next term. If your child wishes to continue to play, or to join a team for this season please use the form linked below to register.
NB. Registrations DO NOT automatically roll over from season 1, you must register your child again if you wish for them to play in season 2.

Can You Help?

We have an exciting idea for our students' learning journey next term and are on the hunt for learning partners who are involved with filmmaking. Do you or do you have any contacts who can spare time throughout the term to work with our budding actors, producers and creators on an amazing concept that will be widely celebrated? Please email Keryn Annan for more details.

Tough Guy And Gal Challenge - Helpers Please!

This is an event we enter a school team into each year. It is also OUR school’s event to earn money for the school by supplying marshals for the event. The role of the marshal is to stand in one location on the course and point the racers to the next obstacle. Super easy, super fun and a really easy way to show your support for the school.
Please click the link below to register your child(ren) PLEASE CHOOSE TUESDAY 1ST AUGUST.
Please also click the link below if you are able to help as an adult Marshal for the event.

Hall Update

Our hall is currently out of action with the floor being redone. We expect to get access again next week.

Parenting Tween To Teen

Taupaki School has extended to our school an invitation to hear a guest speaker, Yvonne Godfrey. Yvonne focuses on parenting tweens to teens and has some great tips and tricks for parents to add to their toolkit. She also speaks about High School transition.
Taupaki have capacity for around 100 parents to come along and so have opened the invite to our community also. Refer to the promo below.

Massey High School Open Night

Massey High School is the zoned High School for Year 9-13 students in the Huapai/Kumeu area. Below are the details for their open night. We encourage all Year 8 families to attend one of the below sessions:

Monday 12th June 2023
Session 1: 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Session 2: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Yummy Apple Sticker Promotion

Each year we have the opportunity to trade in stickers collected from the Yummy apple range for sports gear. This is an annual promotion that has seen the school earn some great gear that is used across the school. It’s that time again to remember to collect the stickers.

A collection sheet is linked below, or each of the classrooms have one on their wall for use at school. Paper copies of the sheet can be collect from the school office should you wish.

Moments From The Week


With MusiqHub

Band mentoring program to commence at HDS! Students must be fully committed to rehearsals, learning their parts thoroughly, making good progress throughout the year and make themselves available for performances opportunities. Open to all instruments! Lead vocalist - Back up vocals - Guitar - Bass - Keyboard - Drums - String - Brass & Woodwind.
Auditions are being held in the music at lunchtime on Friday 9th June. Please prepare a short audition piece preferably 1 - 2mins long.

For any additional information please contact Scott - scott.wotherspoon@musiqhub.co.nz

School Holiday Programme - Huapai+

Creative Matters

Creative Matters are back for the 2023 year. With classes on Mondays, 3pm - 5pm in Room 10. Please book at the link below.

Aroha Skate

Aroha Skate are back for Term 3. Every Tuesday straight after school.
Please use the link below to register.

Also, on Wednesday 21st June Aroha Skate will be holding a demo session at lunch time here at the school that all students will be welcome to watch.

Brain Play

Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 6pm in Room 10.
Brain Play teaches science & technology classes to Kiwi kids aged 5-13, right across the country! We offer holiday programmes, online classes, in-person after-school classes, in-school classes, and free events for communities. Our topics include 3D printing, coding, animation, STEM experiments, LEGO & more. Free trials are also available for new students. This term we are in Stanmore Bay, Huapai, Parnell and Hobsonville (as well as online)! Check out our website to learn more about what's on at Brain Play & book in today.
Please book at the link below.

Music Lessons With MusiqHub

MusiqHub are looking forward to another awesome year of music in 2023 at Huapai School! They will have a bunch of slots available for Guitar, Drums, Piano and Ukulele lessons. If you're interested, be sure to get in touch to reserve your spot or ask any questions you may have. Contact details below:

Drums: paul.barry@musiqhub.co.nz

Guitar, Keyboard and Ukulele:

2023 Term Dates

These are the Term Dates for 2023:

Term 1: Tuesday 7th February - Thursday 6th April
Term 2: Wednesday 26th April - Friday 30th June
Term 3: Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September
Term 4: Monday 9th October - Tuesday 19th December

Teacher Only Days:
Monday 24th April (the day before Anzac Day)
Tuesday 6th June (King's Birthday weekend)

HERO Notifications

We use HERO to send classroom updates, to share regular learning posts and now for payment on all in-school costs. HERO sends push notifications or emails. You can now choose how you receive HERO notifications as well as manage devices that receive them.

To set your own notification preferences:
  1. Click on your profile image
  2. Select EDIT PROFILE
  3. Scroll down to My Devices and select your preferences.
Or please see the full instructions linked below.

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