May 2024 Edition
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The Connection

Week 5 Term 2

Huapai District School

May 30th 2024

Senior Leadership Message

As the weather changes and the crisp autumn mornings start, it signals to me the start of our “crazy season” as a family. Each day during terms 2&3 we have sport either before school or after school - often both! Our weekends are a juggle of who is going where with which child to which sport and then who will do which errands while they’re out. It is not uncommon for us to plonk onto the couch late on a Sunday night and wonder where the weekend disappeared to. I am sure this scene is familiar to many HDS families.

Each night I try to take the time to properly talk with each of my children. I read somewhere that the most important times in a child’s day was the 30 mins after they wake up and the 30 mins before they go to sleep and apparently if you can squeeze 3 minutes of connecting time with your child in there, it goes a long way. So one night last week, after a particularly long day for us all, I squished into bed with my youngest and asked about her world. I asked what was her highlight of the day. “Right now” she said.

Two words. Made my week.

Each day at school, I give out hi-fives after school on the driveway. It is one of my most favourite things to do at school. One little act of connection, that hopefully brings a smile to others as well. It certainly does for me.

It’s the little things that are big things in our children’s lives. Let’s continue to take the time to notice and celebrate.

Maree Lloyd

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday 30th May TONIGHT - School Disco
  • Friday 31st May - Teacher Only Day
  • Monday 3rd June - Kings Birthday (school closed)
  • Next week we luanch our Math-a-thon!



Please start collecting the stickers off the Yummy Apples. Last year we were able to purchase a bag of basketballs and a bag of netballs as well as a large stack of cones with the money raised. These go directly to our students for use in school. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Stickers can be collected on the collection sheet. There are copies of these sheets available in your child’s class or at the front office.

Attendance Update

In April 2024, the Government announced a regular attendance target of 80 percent of students to be present for more than 90% of the term by 2030. Another key area we could improve is in getting to school on time.

Here is where we are tracking based on last weeks data:

New Zealand Weekly School Rate is = 90.8%

Huapai District School = 74.3%

School Disco

Tonight is our school disco. Parents are welcome to drop the children and then collect at the end. Our discos run as follows:

5:30pm -7pm = years 1-4
We sing, we dance, we buy lollies, drinks and glow in the dark toys if wanted. Teachers are stationed at the doors so there is no leaving once inside.
Shortly before 5:30pm we stop the music and turn the lights on. We gather all the children together and do a tidy up of any litter. Then we invite parents in to collect their children. Children will not be released without an adult.

7:30pm - 9pm = Years 5-8
The same format as the junior disco, we stop the music a few minutes before 9pm and work together to reset the hall. Students are then released to parents.

Teacher Only Day - TOMORROW

Friday 31st May

On Tuesday 7th May schools were advised that two teacher only days were allocated to schools to assist in the curriculum changes and priorities of the Government. We were not aware of this and have been directed that this must occur between 27th May and 7th June. An additional day has been directed to occur between 21st October and 15th November.

We appreciate this does not necessarily make things easy for our community and have tried to limit the impact by attaching this to Kings Birthday weekend.

Huapai Plus will be available for child supervision (book below).
Our school will be closed for children on Friday 31st May & Monday 3rd June (Kings Birthday public holiday).

Year 7/8 Problem Challenge - we scored very highly!

At the end of last Term, one of the Year 7/8 maths groups competed in the first round of the Otago University “Problem Challenge”. This mathematical problem-solving challenge involves ākonga (students) participating in a nationwide test once a month for five months. The test has five intricate maths problems that students must solve in a thirty-minute time frame. We are very proud to say that our Maths Team scored very highly in the first round, scoring above the national average in every question.

Ka pai to mahi Rangatahi!
Great work and good luck for round two!

Analysis for 2024 Set 1: Data from 525 schools with 19,684 students:

St John Youth Programme

Introducing the St John Youth Programme – an incredible opportunity for our young leaders to shine and make a difference in our community!
What is the St John Youth Programme?
The St John Youth Programme is not just about learning first aid and lifesaving skills; it's about building confidence, leadership, and resilience in our youth. From hands-on first aid training to community service projects, this programme empowers our young minds to become future leaders and compassionate community members.

When and Where?
Massey Birdwood Settlers Hall
372 Don Buck Road, Massey
Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm during term time

Who Can Join?
This is open to all passionate young individuals aged from 5 to 18. Whether you're interested in healthcare, leadership, or simply want to give back to your community – the St John Youth Programme is the perfect place for you!

Why Join?
  • Gain life-saving first aid skills.
  • Develop leadership qualities.
  • Make lasting friendships.
  • Contribute to community well-being.
  • Boost your confidence and resilience.
How to Join?
Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Come along and visit your local division for a 2 week trial! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow, learn, and give back!

Clearing Bell 3:15pm

Recently, we have been dealing with a number of situations where children are playing after school unsupervised and involved in an injury. We also have had situations where even under supervision the impact on office staff about to leave in supporting injury is becoming a more common experience.

We ask that you do not bring your children to school before 8:30am and we ask that you collect your child at 3.00pm. From next week, we will introduce a 3:15pm clearing bell. This will assist those families whose children want “just one more turn” on the playground by having a definitive end time. It will also assist our Huapai Plus team to more easily identify which children are staying behind each day and Garry to be able to carry out property maintenance safely.

We ask that all parents and children leave the grounds at this time. Unsupervised children arriving before 8:30am and who are on school grounds after 3:15pm will be taken to Huapai+ for supervision and you will be invoiced.

Change of Clothes

Can you please ensure that your child is coming to school with a spare change of clothes (uniform if possible) in their bag, in case a change is needed throughout the day. While we do have a few spare items in the school office, these are for first aid emergencies only. If your child requires a change of clothes but does not have one, we may need to call you to come and collect them or to bring a change of clothes in.

Tough Guy And Gal Challenge

Our school enters a large group each year. This year we will participate in the event held on TUESDAY 6th August. Please use the link below to register your child online. Please indicate on the form for “teacher to collect” as this links all our registrations together.

Music Lessons With MusiqHub

MusiqHub are looking forward to another awesome year of music in 2024 at Huapai School! They will have a bunch of slots available for Guitar, Drums, Piano and Ukulele lessons. If you're interested, be sure to get in touch to reserve your spot or ask any questions you may have. Contact details below:


Guitar, Keyboard and Ukulele:

2024 Term Dates

These are the Term Dates for 2024:

Term 1: Wednesday 7th February through to Friday 12th April
Term 2: Monday 29th April through to Friday 5th July
Term 3: Monday 22nd July through to Friday 27th September
Term 4: Monday 14th October through to Friday 20th December

HERO Notifications

We use HERO to send classroom updates, to share regular learning posts and now for payment on all in-school costs. HERO sends push notifications or emails. You can now choose how you receive HERO notifications as well as manage devices that receive them.

To set your own notification preferences:
  1. Click on your profile image
  2. Select EDIT PROFILE
  3. Scroll down to My Devices and select your preferences.
Or please see the full instructions linked below.

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