About Huapai

Our school is the school of the district. In 2019 we celebrated our 100th year anniversary.

Our school is rich in history of farming, strong community engagement and generational involvement. We work hard to retain the heart of our school in a changing and diversifying area. We hold important, children being children, having a go and getting a little muddy on the way. 

We are intentional in providing opportunities for leadership, growth and character.  Our farming (of the land mindset), our give it a go, and our great Kiwi ingenuity are things we want to protect and make special about our school. Our children mountain bike, climb trees, raft rivers and tramp our rich landscapes and (at times) get dirty. They have a voice and know they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.  

We know a strong sense of identity and confidence is in the soil of our history and continues to bring great fruit measured by the quality of our graduates.

We see our staff and our children positioned to pursue their very best, to thrive in an environment where they can bring their best and to celebrate the diversity this allows within our school. Achieving a “PB” (personal best) is a goal for our people in all situations.