Huapai Family Network

Welcome to the Huapai Family Network (HFN)

Every HDS parent, caregiver and teacher is an automatic member of the Huapai Family Network, and all are encouraged to get involved. There is no pressure, and your involvement can be as active as you choose.

We are always looking for new people to help, and we also know time is precious. We have the attitude that many hands make light work. So don’t be afraid to get involved, you won’t be signing on for more than you are able to give.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved. Anything from a couple of hours manning a sausage sizzle to helping the school in an area of expertise you may have, like IT or concreting for example. We are also often offered opportunities to fundraise through participation, such as directing cars at an event.

Where ever you feel comfortable to contribute, the HFN has somewhere for you to help.  Come and be part of the amazing school community we have.   We’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to take part.

We are a community. Looking out for each other, creating fun family events and fundraising to support the school for the students – now and those yet to arrive.

What we do!

Fundraise For Our School

Fundraising is an important part of the HFN’s purpose. As a decile 9 school we receive little additional funding from the government and are expected to raise it from the surrounding community. Anything that we wish to provide at the school, such as equipment, tech or playground gear and even some operational costs are covered by School Donations and our fundraising efforts such as the Community Fun Night, annual Discos, calendar art and other events and initiatives.

Create Fun Events and Experiences

We want to create some memories for our children to look back on and remember fondly. These come from traditions, celebrations and activities children enjoy. We work together to help add these into our kids lives through fun events alongside normal school life.

Be There For Each Other

The HFN Facebook page is a private group for families of our school, where parents can ask questions about the school, where they can get information and positive support from a peer group. It is a place to hold parent-based discussions on topics relevant to the school, to voice and consider ideas as a community and chat how we would like to see our school grow.

Strengthen School Community and Spirit

One of our most important aims is to continue to grow and nurture the great positive community spirit we have within the HFN and in our community. We want our school to be one where we are full of pride for and in which all our families are actively involved. Additionally, we want to be a link between the school and wider community and look for ways to increase our involvement in our local area, and conversely to engage more of our community with us.

You can contact for any reason and at anytime on

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