Montessori at Huapai

Montessori Primary is based on the educational philosophy presented by Dr Maria
Montessori on how to nurture the whole child in the best possible way through a
prepared environment. The children in a Montessori environment self-construct
themselves utilising the learning opportunities presented to them.

The basis of Montessori philosophy is that each child has an innate desire to learn.
For this learning to occur a prepared environment must exist, designed for the child’s
interest and in which the child can choose their own activities.

The Primary years at Huapai Montessori cater to the children in the second plane,
i.e. 6-12 years of age. We also have a transition programme for the little ones at five
years. Our environment fosters independence, freedom and responsibility, work
choice, integrated curriculum, collaboration and mixed age groups for the children.
The Montessori unit at Huapai is looked after by a charitable trust who looks after the
resources and needs of the unit. While the unit is integrated into the wider school,
the special needs of the programme are catered to by the parent body that makes up
the trust.

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