Enrolment Info

Online Enrolment Form

You may express your intention to enrol or begin the enrolment process by clicking through to our HDS Online Enrolment Form.

We are a zoned school and all students who live within the school zone are automatically accepted following proof of address provided to the office.

Next steps for those just starting school (Year 0/ Year 1) will see our New Entrant teacher get in touch with you (approx. 4-6 weeks prior to your child’s birthday) and advise dates for school visits. During the visits, you will be invited to meet the teachers, the Principal - John Petrie and visit the School Office to discuss any questions regarding school uniform and stationery.

For students who are arriving from another school, we will arrange a time for you and your child(ren) to come into the school and meet with our Principal for a tour of the school and to discuss class placement. This will also be a good time to follow up on any questions like school uniform and stationery with the School Office.

Documents Required

Upon completion of the Online Enrolment Form, please scan and email the following items to enrolments@hds.school.nz

  1. A copy of the eligibility document for your child.  This can be either:
  2. NZ birth certificate or NZ passport (if NZ citizen)
  3. Australian passport (if Australian citizen)
  4. Proof of your address (e.g. utilities bill, rental/sales agreement).
  5. Immunisation certificate
  6. A copy of any Court Order Documents (if applicable)
  7. NZ residency permit or NZ student visa/permit and Parental work permit (if the child is not a NZ citizen).
  8. Vision and Hearing consent form

Once we have these documents we will be in touch to advise you of the next steps.

New Entrant Start Dates 2020

We know that a smooth transition into school is really important for children when they first start school. Huapai District School has been taking a closer look at how we can support each child during this transition. One of the ways we intend to do this is by having set dates throughout the year for children to begin school. There are a few reasons for this:

  • We are more likely to get a small group of children starting at the same time, rather than one child on their own. This provides a good opportunity for friendships to form between new children.
  • Teachers can plan more intentionally for the start days and provide greater support.
  • Connection within our wider Huapai community. Our set start dates link up with the start dates at Matua Ngaru for 2020. So even if children from the same preschool are going to different schools, they can celebrate starting school at the same time.  

We recognise that this is a new change for Huapai District School and that it may not work for all preschools, children and their families this year. For the remainder of 2019, we will maintain our current process, where children start on the Monday after their 5th birthday. 

In 2020, we will have two set start dates per Term. One on the first day of term, and the second during mid-term. The term intake dates are set by the Ministry of Education and can be found at www.gazette.govt.nz  Please see dates below:

2020 start dates

Term 1 

Monday 3rd February 

Monday 9th March 

Term 2 - Intake dates have changed to reflect the COVID-19 school holiday changes

Wednesday 17th April (Easter Tuesday is 16/04)

Monday 25th May

Term 3 

Monday 20th July 

Monday 24th August 

Term 4 

Monday 12th October

Monday 16th November 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email emily.soong@hds.school.nz