School Hours

Bell Times

Teachers are in their classrooms from 8.30am, we kindly ask that children do not arrive prior to this time. Before and After school care is provided by SCHOOL’S OUT. Any student who arrives prior to 8.30am will be required to attend before school care. If a student is regularly arriving prior to this time and not attending before school care, it is a serious health and safety issue for the school. Those students attending a class trip, music practice or with leadership duties (such as road crossing patrol) are permitted to arrive prior to 8:30am as organised with the teacher in charge of that area.

Normal School Day begins at 8:55am, 8.30am Students allowed into classrooms.

Bell One: 8.55am First Session starts.

Bell Two:  9.00am Roll taken.

Bell Three: 10.40am Morning tea - sit down eating time.

Bell Four: 10.50am Morning tea - play time.

Bell Five: 11.10 End of Morning tea, return to class. Second session starts

Bell Six: 12.40pm Lunch - sit down eating time.

Bell Seven: 12.50pm Lunch - play time.

Bell Eight: 1.25pm End of lunch, return to class. Third session starts.

Bell Nine: 1.30pm Roll taken.

Bell Ten: 3.00pm End of school