We intentionally pursue opportunities for our students to build the self confidence and the determination (“grit”)  to approach life and learning positively. Getting our children outdoors is a key strategy. Our goal is to see every student participate in outdoor education experiences.

Camp Overview - Dates

Year       Location of Camp                             Dates                                                                 Cost  (approx.)                    Teacher in Charge

4              Carey Park Henderson                  Wed 13th –  Fri 15th  November       $260.00 (tbc)                   Maree Lloyd

5              MERC - Long Bay                              Tues 26th - Fri 29th November           $350.00 (tbc)                   Joe  Du Plooy & Tasha Gover

6              Motutapu Island                                Mon 9th - Fri 13th September             $490.00 (confirmed)   Susan Hall & Ben Shrimpton

7             Outdoor week                                      Mon 18th - Fri 22nd November          $200.00 (tbc)                   Keryn Annan & George Te Tai

                NB This would include Yr 8’s not attending Tongariro                                                                                         

8             Tongariro National Park                 Sun 17th - Fri 22nd November            $490.00 (confirmed)    John Petrie & Stacey Wheeler

                 Limited to 50 students

7 & 8    Sports Camp - Matamata               Mon 23rd - Fri 27th September           $350.00 (tbc)                     Maree Lloyd & Ben Shrimpton

Camp Costs

All outdoor education opportunities incur different costs.  These costs are dependent upon activities being offered, skill level of instructors, transportation, catering, accommodation, etc.  We look at different options for camps and pursue the opportunities we see best fit.  We aim to give at least three months notice to all camps.  Payment options are available.

Payment Options

Parents are encouraged to make part payments within your child’s account in the school shop KINDO.

Fundraising options

The school is coordinating the options for a student based fundraiser in Term 3. All proceeds that each participating student raises will go directly to reducing their camp fee. The opportunity remains for parents to work with the particular year groups to run year level based fundraisers.

Go my sons (and daughters), burn your books.

Buy yourselves stout shoes.

Get away to the mountains, the deserts

And the deepest recesses of the earth.

In this way and no other will you gain

A true knowledge of things and

Of their properties.

Peter Severinus 1571 AD