Our vision for Huapai District Schools’ music and performing arts department is one that includes all children giving it a go, working together to create a beautiful sound, developing confidence as individuals, and learning new musical skills. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to shine and to grow personally during their musical journey.

Our music programme includes a wide range of musical activities. Classroom music involves every student and during each lesson we sing, play, listen and explore instruments, bands and cultural music.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in school bands, choirs, marimba group and we have a senior and junior musical every alternating year. Our school band performs at our local library and during end of term assemblies. The school senior choir performs Christmas carols each year for our local rest home, which has proven hugely successful for both the rest home residents and our students.  Our school musicals are set at a high standard and students who take part in these shows really reach a new level of self-confidence and positive teamwork during the process.

We have an itinerant music department where students can learn piano, guitar, drums and ukulele. We are hoping to continue developing this department to include more instrument options in the future.