Building knowledge of science content and science processes are integral in the development of science capable students.  At Huapai, our senior students (years 5 to 8) participate in weekly specialist science lessons throughout the year.  Our students need to be ready, willing and able to use their inquisitive science know how through thinking and questioning the science in the world around them.

The yearly programmes being offered build and extend on each other from year to year.  In year 5 they are developing the essential building blocks, skills and knowledge needed as they progress through Primary School and into College.   By Year 8 they will have developed an understanding of the five fundamental areas of science:  Nature of Science, Living World, Material World, Physical World and Planet Earth and Beyond. Through using their knowledge to build upon learning, Our students are able to integrate their science knowledge across other aspects of the curriculum, in particular leading into the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) learning areas.  

Science in the Junior Classrooms is taught through integrated learning with other curriculum areas by classroom teachers.