We believe that a fit and healthy body helps maintain a fit and healthy mind.  At Huapai, all children participate in PE and sport on a regular basis.  We strongly believe in challenging children to strive for their own excellence in physical activity as these achievements act as anchor points for future learning.  We start with the basic building blocks of physical movement and move through to adventure and risk.  The PE year is full on with no sports off limits.  As well as the typical summer and winter codes each year, the children also experience gymnastics, lifejackets in school, mud running, squash, ninja warrior course, bike riding, tackle rugby, bull rush, our own Mowatt Cup teeball, running, playball, pickleball, climbing trees, elastics, skipping, water slides, bike ramps and generally being kids!    Each term we hold a class based sporting competition throughout the school and the winning team plays the Staff for our very own Huapai All Stars Cup!
Mud, bare feet, climbing trees, sweat and laughter are all par for the course here.  

Each year we hold swimming sports, athletics day, a mud run, triathlon, cross country and student sports events as a school.  

For our elite sports students in years 5-8 they can apply to be part of the sports academy.  The idea is to extend the athlete sideways, through the study of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology and nutrition.   Students are taught the values of leaders, how to be positively noticed and excel in a team and skills to arm them for high school sporting success.  There is an expectation to lead and to give back through coaching and service.