Strategic Goals and Financial Reports

Our commitment is to see our students graduate from Huapai District School, confident, articulate and motivated learners. Our approach is to build programmes and opportunities that recognise the “whole child”, placing value on all aspects of a childs’ well being, interests and needs.

Our Vision

To create an environment and culture where being the best you can be is our norm.

Our charter goals

Our charter goals are based on a strong foundation and four equal sides, making the focus on the whole person. The symbol of the wharenui illustrates these four dimensions:

Taha Tinana

The capacity for physical growth and development.

Taha Hinengaro

The capacity to communicate, to think and to feel; mind and body are inseparable.

Taha Whanau

The capacity to belong, to care and to share, where individuals are part of wider social systems.

Taha Wairua

The capacity for identity and wider influence.


By the end of 2022 we see...

Whare Tapa Wha:
Every person striving to achieve their personal best.

Te Taha Tinana – Future proofing Huapai
Systems/processes and structures supporting sustainable, fiscal growth, resourcing and quality infrastructure.

Te Taha Hinengaro – Teacher focus
Our teachers as empowered, collaborative learners who have the capability to embed future focussed and responsive pedagogies for the ”whole child”.

Te Taha Whanau – Community Engagement
All stakeholders engaged and connected with Huapai in a purposeful, multifaceted and sustainable way.

Te Taha Wairua – Embedding the culture
All stakeholders living and breathing the Huapai way.

Strategic Plan

Each year we produce a strategic plan identifying our goals and intentions. This strategic plan covers our intentions for the next three (3) years and our targets and actions for the current year.

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