Anita Gokal
Head Teacher
Montessori Diploma 6-12 AMI
Montessori Foundational Course 0-6 AMI

Kia Ora,
I am Anita Gokal serving the children in Montessori at Huapai District School since 2019. My home base is in Pakistan however, I have spent most of my life living in the Western World. Having a Master’s in Education and Diploma in Montessori for 0-6 and 6-12 years, I’ve dedicated myself to Montessori philosophy for over 12 years, teaching in New Zealand for the past eight years. I love learning with children and following their interests every day.
It is my conviction that every child is born with a unique potential; it is the prepared environment that helps them discover who they are. A Montessori environment offers ample opportunities for every child to thrive in their own way and find their inner self becoming a competent, confident citizens. The core of Neuroscience today rests on many basic principles in Montessori philosophy and I am enthused to accentuate the merits of Montessori education to the wider community contributing to broadening its scope for what is deemed to have unlocked human potential for centuries making a difference in the world for ourselves and for the humanity at large.

Neil Cameron
Montessori Diploma 0-6
Montessori Diploma 6-9

I began my Montessori journey after witnessing the beautiful benefits the Montessori Method provided my youngest son. A humble sense of self, independence and the ability to form confident relationships with adults was the gift the Montessori Method gave him.
Why? Because the Montessori classroom allows the child the freedom to choose and the Montessori materials provided the child with the magic inherent in their construction and use. With four years of Montessori early childhood experience and a NAMC Early Childhood Diploma,
I am now in my third year in the Montessori Elementary classroom with a recently completed NAMC Diploma in Montessori Lower Elementary (6-9 years). My own Montessori journey has really only just begun as there is so much to learn and share with the willing child in the Montessori classroom.

Jennifer Kim
ECE degree with Montessori component 0-6

Kia Ora,
I am Jennifer Kim. I have joined Huapai Montessori in February 2022. I am originally from South Korea and moved to New Zealand in 2006. I am married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful boys. My oldest is turning 5 in May and my little one is almost 2.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with Montessori Specialty from AUT. I also have about 10 years of experience teaching children in both South Korea and New Zealand.
The Montessori philosophy has inspired me deeply in many ways. As a Montessori teacher, I see myself as a home and the child as a resident. A home provides the resident comfort as well as the needs without interrupting, while, at the same time, at home, the child finds their own things to do. In the same way, a teacher needs to ensure children’s needs are met and provide a secure base for them so that they can freely explore and find their own work without much interference.